World’s largest wind turbines to be built in Ireland

Irish and UK ministers have inked a deal this week that will allow the UK to draw an enormous amount of money from the largest wind turbines in the world which will be constructed in Ireland.

The turbines are more fittingly called towers as they will stand over 180 meters in the air and will be able to generate energy for millions of homes throughout the UK by the time 2017 rolls around. The companies involved in the construction and maintenance of the wind turbines say that Irish power is much cheaper than the offshore wind in the UK.

However, environmentalists are not so crazy about the plan to draw renewable energy out of the Irish midlands calling the scheme crazy since there is a high chance that the construction will ruin the landscape of Ireland.

As part of the plan, many companies would be allowed to erect hundreds of new large wind turbines across the midlands. Any power that would be generated from the wind turbines would be transferred to the UK via large undersea cables that will join UK power grid at two points located in Wales.

Element Power, one of the developers behind the plan, stated that the plan would save UK consumers as much as £7bn over the next 15 years compared to other forms of renewable energy sources. In addition, the developers believe that thousands of jobs will be created within Ireland helping to boost the local economy.

There are concerns that the turbines will have to be super sized in order to provide enough power to Britain because they will have to reach high into the sky in order to get enough wind. Element Power representative Peter Harte stated that they are going to build larger turbines so that they can build les sin number overall to help reduce the local impact.