Wind farms on land to be developed further

Chris Huhne, the energy secretary, stated that he wants to see wind farms on land to be developed further in order for the UK to meet its green emission targets. Critics of the plans have said that wind turbines on land are expensive, inefficient and they are unattractive for the landscape.

Chris Heaton Harris has set up an All Party Parliamentary Group and he has stated, “The policy being put forward by the energy secretary is asking us to develop an inefficient technology which is expensive for consumers and is the wrong type of renewable energy for us to pursue.”

In the UK there are about 3000 wind turbines on land with a few hundred extra off the coast. Currently, this technology only produces energy for about one third of the time and it generates less than one fiftieth of the country’s energy needs. However, in order to meet emissions targets that have been put into law by Parliament there is a need for the expansion of wind farms in order to reduce emissions.

It is expected that in the next two decades around 6000 more turbines are going to be put on land with around another 25,000 being put out at sea. It is expected that because of the additional expense of wind farms the cost of energy is going to rise by nearly £300 for the average bill in the next decade.

A recent study from theNetherlandshas shown that when energy is generated in an emergency because the wind turbines are not generating enough power it is actually more damaging to the environment than running an efficient gas power station constantly. It is therefore sensible for the government to not rely too much on wind power.