Wind as a-gratuitous energy source: GOING GREEN

Going green is the need of the hour. Fossil fuels are not renewable energy sources. People are turning to wind as a form of energy. The power of wind is converted into energy that can be used in various ways. Wind turbines help to generate electricity.

Wind mills provide mechanical power. Wind pumps help in pumping and draining water. Sails help to harness wind power in ships. Wind is being recognized as a major energy source. Nations throughout the world are recognizing the benefits of establishing wind power stations.

A wind farm usually has many wind turbines. These turbines are a part of the electric power transmission network. The wind in the offshore areas is better suited to supply more electricity than onshore areas. The land in an onshore wind farm can be used for agriculture or grazing cattle.

The United States of America, United Kingdom, and Denmark are vying with each other to build large onshore wind farms. The top ten countries with wind power capacities in the world are China, USA, Germany, Spain, India, Italy, France, UK, Canada, and Denmark. Offshore wind farms are constructed on water bodies. The availability of more wind in offshore areas ensures more production of wind power. Urban areas are not suited for installing wind turbines because the wind will be blocked by high structures. Large farm areas are the best places to install wind turbines. Farm owners also benefit by selling excess electricity. The overall cost of installation including transportation costs is redeemed very soon.

Wind energy has little or no impact on the environment as compared to other energy sources. The atmosphere is not polluted and the surrounding habitat is not much affected except for a few cases of bird or bat death. The excess energy can be sold for a profit. Companies like Fox Islands Wind LLC provide electricity generated with the help of wind and also contribute some of the profit to the community. Thus wind energy helps people to become economically self reliant.

Wind energy helps to reduce costs. Institutions like universities are going green by installing wind turbine. The turbine helps to cut power costs and serves the purpose of educational research. The savings can thus be used for investment in the university itself. The importance of adopting a green attitude can be taught to the students of the university who will have a direct experience of using wind power. This will help in spreading the message of saving the Earth.

Wind turbines do not emit obnoxius gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, radioactive waste, mercury or nitrogen dioxide. The above mentioned poisons are emitted by fossil fuels. Wind energy however does not emit harmful gases nor is it a diminishing source of energy. The installation of more wind turbines will help in reducing the rising costs of petroleum based fuels. It will reduce the dependence on petroleum producing nations and help in stabilizing the economy of countries. The ‘green’ way of life will be complete in every aspect if one opts to learn more about the wind generated electricity and spread the awareness.

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