What’s the Best Way to Recycle Paper?

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The UK produces over 400 million tonnes of waste a year and a quarter of that comes from homes and businesses.

On average a British Family throws away the equivalent of six trees worth of paper a year. These are just a few of the reasons why recycling paper is necessary and if people recycled just one tonne of paper  it would save up to 70 per cent of the energy used on manufacturing than from original sources.

The old saying goes ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ and by taking on this message, you could be more eco friendly by recycling paper using shredders. A shredder will reduce your waste by recycling paper.

Not all types of paper can be recycled however. Paper that is laminated, or with food or oil stains, wax coatings, stickers or foil cannot be recycled.

Firstly reduce the amount of paper that you use. Whenever possible use a cloth instead, this includes napkins, shopping bags, plates and other non paper items.

Remember to use both sides of a piece of paper to reduce your usage.  Go electronic by telling billing companies and other companies to send you the information via email.

If you’re printing try to print on both sides of the paper and use the smallest font you can to fit as much text on one page.  Start a stockpile of waste and scrap paper for printing and shredding.

Reuse your paper. If you have a pet you could use the shredded paper for their bedding. Shredded paper has many uses, one being that you can use the scrap paper for filling out items that need padding. You could use paper from shredders in a pillowcase, an old teddy bear or other toys. If you have children they can also use them for playing with and creating craft and art projects.

Shocking facts about paper waste:

1.     The paper industry is the 4th largest contributing industry to greenhouse gas emissions.

2.     Paper waste is rising by 20 per cent each year with the average office worker using around 50 sheets of paper a day in a typical office.

3.     More than one million trees are produced each year for spam mail.

4.     Paper waste is growing and every ton of recycled paper can save up to 17 trees.

5.     12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are used annually in the UK.

For an at home use shredders that are compact, quiet and easy to use. Shredders can also help protect against identity fraud so you can choose one that meets your requirements.

Recycling doesn’t just have to stay at home, an office shredder will help reduce paper waste and protect confidential information.