What Is A Hybrid Car?

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With an increasing focus on reducing our carbon footprint and becoming more environmentally friendly, hybrid cars have become one of the main forms of helping individuals become more eco-friendly.

Going green is a prime concern in today’s world and one that is becoming increasingly more popular. Hybrid cars are one of the best ways for people to look after the environment, offering benefits for both the environment and for people’s individual economies and finances. This is because hybrid cars are designed to provide people with the best possible vehicles, combining a number of great features.

How Does A Hybrid Car Work?

A hybrid car works by combining two separate power systems in one vehicle. This allows the car to operate at a more energy efficient and green level. The two power sources are a combustion engine and an electric motor. The combustion engine uses the traditional method of petrol or fuel combustion in order to produce power. However, energy which is usually wasted during this process is captured and used to charge the battery of an electric motor.

The electric motor can then be used to either power the car entirely or to assist the combustion engine. Either way the result is that the combustion engine does less work. This in turn means that less fuel is used and less carbon dioxide emissions are emitted. This improves the fuel efficiency of the vehicle and also helps the driver to save money on petrol.

What Sort of Hybrid Cars Are There?

Hybrid cars can be split into two main categories: the ‘Series Hybrid’ and ‘Parallel Hybrids’. These are then split into two different classes, mild or strong hybrids. The class of hybrid cars refers to how powerful their batteries are and how much petrol they use in comparison to traditional cars which only use combustion engines.

Strong hybrids use more electricity than petrol, making them more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. Mild hybrids however will use more petrol than electricity but will still be more environmentally friendly than conventional vehicles. A number of modern hybrid cars can also switch between the different power sources to achieve the best results. Cars which can use either of the power sources individually or the two of them combined are known as “full hybrids”.

What Types of Hybrid Vehicles Are Available?

The versatility of hybrid technology means that it is now available in a number of different types of car. Whether you are after a hybrid 4×4 or a hybrid saloon there will be plenty of options available, all offering you the same guarantees of high performance and environmentally conscious commuting. This means that irrespective of your personal situation you could upgrade to a hybrid car, ensuring that you are still able to conduct your usual daily duties whilst helping to protect the environment at the same time. When looking at a hybrid car it is important that you consider what sort of use it will get in order to make sure you select the right one for you.