What Does the Drought Mean For Your Garden?

Spring is here, the weather is warming up nicely and the daffodils are starting to bloom, time to get in the garden and get it into tip top shape for the warmer months ahead.

Many of us live in areas which have been put on restrictions because of fears of drought, this has left us short of resources and may result in our gardens wilting and dying on hot summer days.

Hartley Botanic will give you some fantastic safe gardening information and tips on how to manage a garden, how to plant certain plants and how to care for them, but in these difficult weather conditions and with tight water supplies, we need to know how to get around these problems.

Plan Ahead

If you are in one of the areas that are going to be placed under water restriction then planning your garden ahead is a good idea.  Choose plants which can withstand the heat and don’t need plenty of watering.  Give your lawn a good watering now, before the restrictions are put in place next week and try and ensure that you only water in the cooler part of the day.

Buy a rainwater butt, this is a fantastic way to collect water for free to use in your garden. This can save your garden over the balmy summer months and it means that you won’t be watching your garden wilt away as the sun beams down day after day.

The advantage is, that here in the UK we still experience a lot of rain in the summer months and if you can make the most of that and catch as much water as you can, your garden doesn’t need to suffer and you won’t be breaking any laws by giving your garden the watering it deserves this summer.

Place a greenhouse or mini greenhouse in your garden and use this to plant some of your favourite plants, they are easier to manage and water with a can. A range of greenhouses are available for sale from the Hartley Botanic website.


Careful gardening is key at this time and you can find gardening tips and advice from Hartley Botanic. The most important thing is not to waste any resources, to stay within budget and have a beautiful garden at an affordable price.

At the moment many of us can’t afford to spend a fortune on our gardens, the economic climate has made it very difficult to run out and buy plants as we used to and now the weather conditions are taking their toll as well.

The solution is to buy seeds or bulbs that are designed for spring, find out at Hartley Botanic how to find the right seeds and bulbs and start your garden from scratch. If you have a rainwater butt and can water them on a regular basis, they will flourish by summer giving your garden the beauty and colour you were hoping for.

Another option is to start your bulbs or seeds off in a glasshouse; there you can care for them as they grow before transferring them into your garden.

When to Water

Knowing when to water is as important as how much water to use, especially with drought season upon us. The best time is early in the morning before the sun starts scorching down on your garden or later in the evening, once the sun has cooled off and the plants are in the shade.

This gives your plants the opportunity to absorb the water before the sun absorbs it all.  Take your time and ensure each plant gets enough water before heading to the next one. If you are using a rainwater butt you are probably watering with a can, which in a way is better because you can observe how much water the plants need. The same applies for your plants in your greenhouse or glasshouse, so bear this in mind when it comes time to give them a good watering.

Use Your Resources Wisely

Read up on all the advice and tips you can find on gardening, use sites such as Hartley Botanic to help you determine how to go about gardening and safe gardening. Make the most of what you have available to make a beautiful garden for the summer season.

Article Courtesy of Hartley Botanic