West Cheshire kids get recycling

Pupils in primary schools across West Cheshire are being encouraged to become environmentalists by getting involved with recycling projects. The Cheshire Council last year launched the Junior Environment Club, which is an initiative to get young people involved with recycling. Since its inception it has become a great success across the county and has increased the environmental awareness of young people greatly.

The scheme sees schools select students who become ‘environmental officers,’ and their role is to support green initiatives at their school. This role involves many issues, from litter control to helping to combat climate change. The students work closely with council officials as part of the scheme and they are also responsible for distributing information imparted to them by the council.

In its first year, the scheme saw around eight in every ten schools adopt the scheme, which is free to join. Those schools adopting the scheme will see a benefit as they will be able to work towards their ‘green flag,’ a symbol of being environmentally conscious.

Waste awareness officer for the council is Liz Ellis, who has said, “This year we are hoping to see the scheme expand even more by involving new schools in West Cheshire. We hope that ultimately we will be able to get them all involved in the programme.”

Those schools involved in the project will be rewarded by the council by a visit to the school of ‘Recycler the Robot.’ Schools in the region that are involved in the project are being encouraged to fill in the evaluation form that has recently been sent to them so the council can get feedback on the project.