New environmental secretary may be climate change sceptic

There have been rumours recently that the new environmental secretary, Owen Paterson, is a sceptic about climate change. Many people expected him to dispel these rumours when he made his first public statement, however he has not done this, and many people believe this is reinforced the opinion that the environmental secretary, is in fact an environmental sceptic.

This is an interesting position to take, especially when you consider that the Prime Minister has pledged this government to be the greenest that has ever been, something that seems unlikely to be achieved if the very person in charge of the environment in the country, doesn’t believe that humans are responsible for climate change.

It is entirely possible that this accusation is totally false, and it would be something that is very easy for the government to dismiss. However, it is interesting to see that an outright denial was not forthcoming, especially at this first public statement.

However, recently, a spokesperson from the Department of the Environment has recently commented, “Defra are responsible for dealing with a great deal of issues related to the debate, me and the environment. One of the issues that the secretary has to deal with is climate change. He is certainly committed to developing the resources that are necessary in order to put the rural economy forward, and protect the environment.”

This is a rather disappointing statement, because it clearly doesn’t actually deny anything about being a climate sceptic. It seems to be the statement of a lawyer, who doesn’t really want to say what’s going on. This is only encouraging more rumours to fly, and for them to be silenced, the climate change Minister needs to come out of the green closet and straightforwardly say that he is not a climate change sceptic.