We may be able to engineer our way out of climate change

Geo-engineering is a more dramatic way of tackling climate change. It is something that is being considered in environmental circles, as well as by engineers, as a way of preventing climate change. It takes a much different view to the traditional opinion that essentially carbon dioxide figures should be reduced.

Instead, geo-engineering advocates the use of technology in order to fix problems, such as using machines to remove carbon dioxide from the air directly, or preventing some of the sunlight hitting the Earth.

Many people think that these are quite an extreme measure, however, if the planet is facing a climate emergency, then there is every reason to pursue all alternative options in order to prevent climate change, and further damage to the environment. Although these technologies might seem far-fetched, it is important that they are embraced today, so that they are ready for tomorrow. The sort of advancements that need to be made, need to have the research begin now, if they are going to be viable in 20 years time, when they are more needed.

Other scientists argue that focusing on this sort of technical advancement is a mistake, because it draws away from the very real need to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide the planet is emitting. Some claim that this sort of engineering is an excuse for not pursuing more environmentally friendly policies, and that it should not be focused on as it attracts attention from the real needs.

Some of the technologies have recently been discussed at a symposium that was held at Oxford University, and many of the ideas that were put forward were particularly interesting. There were all sorts of technologies considered, some of which seem rather far-fetched, but could become a reality in the near future with enough scientific investment.