Waste incinerator could come to West Sussex

In West Sussex, a site is being considered for the construction of a waste incinerator. This waste incinerator is going to be potentially constructed in Goddards Green, on a greenfield site.

Public consultation has recently been taking place and it seems as if many concerns and comments have been raised about the construction of this incinerator. Most of these have been about conservation of nature and the local area as well as worries about various transport issues.

Initially a landowner in Hickstead was offering his land for the construction of the incinerator however the public response was so overwhelmingly negative against it that he decided to pull out of the offer. This means that there are currently seven sites being shortlisted for potential construction of the incinerator and the location at Goddards Green is one of them.

The idea behind this project is that something called a facility for inert recycling is going to be built and it could be used for many things including recycling as well as the treatment of waste for its conversion into energy, which would probably involve the use of an incinerator.

A select committee for the local area has recently looked at all the comments local residents that has concluded that in general they are very critical of the project and the fact that the council want it to go ahead.

The Council have said that more waste sites do need to be constructed in the country as it is expected by 2031, around an extra half a million tonnes of commercial waste is going to be produced every year. A formal draft of the new plan is currently being worked out.