Vote with your feet on saving the earth

Everyone talks about leaving a carbon footprint, so now how about the shoes that are on our feet. What impact are these soles taking out of great Mother Earth. If you leave leather shoes in your local landfill, they may be there for 40 years and if they happen to be rubber they could be there for at least 80 years.

One estimate says that our foul smelling sneakers will take up to 1,000 years to leave us. Many people do not want animal products near them, now not only can you buy vegan food but you can invest your money in vegan shoes.

Sanuk has the ideal summer line of shoes that feature beach sandals, flip flops and surf sandals. Now you may come across a leather product or two and even some non-recycled material that is used, but the great majority of their products receive a great big, green thumbs up.

Colorful Grass are proud to be the best provider and global leader of environmentally, sustainable, fashionable shoes and accessories. The designers of the company spent two years before making the shoes asking customers what they wanted to see in an eco-friendly shoe and what was asked for became the basis of the shoe line they have today.

What was wanted was vegan shoes and recycled soles, fashion shoes that included more than just sandals, eco shoes that had a metropolitan flair yet were vey stylish. Most of all they wanted eco shoes that were comfortable and could be dressed up or down equally.

If you are searching for or need a one of a kind shoe, then you may want to consider the sandals from mohop that are eco-friendly and interchangeable. Annie Mohaupt a Chicago based architect started the shoes six years ago and they are produced to order and can be customized with interchangeable laces.

If the price is too much for your budget then do not worry, Mohop is introducing a line that is ready to wear for this spring that will feature three styles – high cherry wedge, mid walnut wedge and low ebony thong.