Uses of Shredded Paper

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We are all aware of the benefits and uses which shredders have in disposing of important documentation. As the best way to destroy sensitive correspondence in order to protect ourselves from identity theft, shredders are an essential household tool. However, these brilliant items have far more uses than people realise, so what other ways can they be used?

Shredders are not just used for data protection purposes and, with a little ingenuity, can be put to a number of new and interesting uses. Here are just five examples of how shredders can be used for different purposes:

1. Party Confetti

With the festive season just round the corner households will be looking for cost-effective ways to celebrate. When it comes to New Year’s parties and other events confetti is one product which makes a regular appearance – but why buy it? A confetti cut shredder can turn your documents or scrap paper into miniature confetti pieces, allowing you to save money, celebrate, and protect your identity.

2. Children’s Costumes

With so many public holidays at the end of the year a large number of parents will be required to make their children costumes. Shredded paper can be used to create interesting wigs and other costume accompaniments, stopping you from shelling out on expensive outfits whilst giving your kids a great costume.

3. Paper Decorations

Shredded paper makes impressive decorations for the festive season and can even be used during card making. A paper shredder can help produce narrow lengths of paper of equal length which can have a number of uses in handmade cards. These include using the paper to form borders or creating interesting designs with the strips using a process known as paper filigree.

4. Pet Bedding

Shredded paper doesn’t just have decorative uses but can be put to a practical purpose as well. Any household with pets will appreciate the costs associated with caring for these beloved creatures, with pet bedding often proving to be something of a financial black-hole. Shredded paper is the perfect product for pet bedding, helping to add warmth and comfort whilst remaining cheap to produce.

5. Packaging

Last, but by no means least, packaging is one of the main uses for shredded paper. Items which are packed into a box, such as gifts and presents, can be made to look more professional through the use of shredded paper. This fills out the excess space and adds a sense of excitement to the present opening process. Alternatively, individuals who are moving home can help to protect breakable items and ornaments by using shredded paper in their boxes. This will provide a cushion for the delicate items and help to prevent damages.

The uses of shredders do not end here, of course, and there are many other ways in which these devices can be utilised. The range of shredders currently available is vast and diverse, offering the perfect product for any individual or company.