UK set to approve the use of EDF

The UK may approve the use of EDF, according to a statement put out by the nuclear regulator Areva. The nuclear regulator stated that it will want to resolve all of the issues that surround the operation of EDF and the new British European Pressurised Water Reactor that has been commissioned.

The French companies have plans to build a total of four new EPRs spread out across Britain with the first due to be constructed in Somerset at Hinkley Point. At the moment the Office for Nuclear Regulation is working on licensing the EPR design for UK operation although it has already taken a few years simply for the Generic Design Assessment to be completed.

This next step will simply offer approval for the project, but the Hinkley Point nuclear plant and other nuclear plants will still need to complete their planning process and have the plans approved by the Government before actual construction can start.

On Tuesday the regulator stated that there are two GDA issues that have already been resolved for the EPR and it expects that by the end of the year all of its outstanding issues will be solved. Some of the issues that were taken care of this past Tuesday included evidence that concrete will help protect the workers and public from radiation and the decision that monitoring would have to be done to measure irradiation damage.

UK Chairman for Areva, Alain-Pierre Raynaud, stated that they are very pleased with the amount of progress that has already been made and they hope that they will have their full GDA acceptance in just a few more months.