UK households urged not to send old clothes to the landfill

Local authorities, businesses, and individuals are all being urged to put more effort into re-using or recycling unwanted clothes after a new report published by the Waste and Resources Action programme (WRAP) discovered that the UK is wasting millions every year by sending its old textiles onto landfills.

The research discovered that over two-thirds of textile waste that is produced in Britain is being sent over to landfills creating almost 1.4 million tonnes of excess material even though there is additional capacity to deal with these items in textile recycling plants. It is roughly calculated that recycling and recovering an additional ten percent of the waste that goes to landfills could create as much additional revenue as £22.8 annually.

Director of WRAP, Marcus Gover, stated that their research shows that there are some very promising opportunities for organisations that want to help reduce their carbon footprint by choosing to reuse or recycle their textiles instead of tossing them in the trash. He added that individuals also have the same choice and choosing to recycle instead will help benefit the economy overall.

The report additionally discovered that there is a market gap for businesses that can possibly re-use or recycle mattress and carpet materials instead of throwing them away. Carpet recycling could really help as the carpet market is growing rapidly and there is about 370,000 tonnes of carpet sent over to landfills on a yearly basis and the figure is growing.

For this reason, WRAP stated that its key goal right now is to make the public aware that they do have the choice to recycle textile recycling and to offer them advice on how to do so.