UK domestic waste disposal services on the increase following council plans for fortnightly rubbish collections

As the amount of food packaging, recyclable materials and other household waste increases, UK households sometimes have trouble with overfilling their council wheelie bins for their weekly pickup, not to mention separating their recycling into increasing numbers of receptacles.

In recent weeks more and more borough councils have announced their intention of increasing the intervals between waste pickups in a bid to save money and (as they put it) encourage people to recycle more.  Stories of overflowing bins, fines, danger of rubbish related illnesses and too many recycling boxes have all come out of recent press coverage, amplifying the voice of a population who emphatically do not want more time between collections.

As a result of the increasing complexity and inconvenience of the current systems, an alternative home refuse collection service has risen and is quickly gaining popularity amongst overflowing households. Waste Concern are the UK’s first and only household waste disposal company, catering exclusively to household and garden waste. They supply their own bins, and collect whatever and whenever they are asked to, whether on a weekly interval to fill the gaps between council pickups or on-demand at the customers’ convenience.

Additionally, households do not need to sort their home recycling into multiple containers or fear fines from their local council. All household rubbish goes into the one bin, including recycling, which is sorted at a later point. This convenience will not only encourage households to recycle more, but will also help to keep neighbourhoods and households devoid of any surplus rubbish which can be unsightly and unsanitary.

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