UK coal mining is dead and people call for it to be buried

Coal mining is an industry that has been dying in the UK for a very long time, but unfortunately the government is in something of a tight spot. It is difficult for them to close down the industry completely because the workers would simply be put on the dole. However, the industry is uneconomical and not really needed any more.

A think tank from the right side of the political spectrum, has recently said that coal mining should be exempt from carbon taxes. This is obviously a statement that most people are not going to agree with, as coal mining is an activity that provides a fuel that is in no way good for the environment.

There are currently 6000 people employed in the coal industry in the UK and what is clear is that it is not acceptable for the government to still be subsidising their jobs. Politicians still seem to think that it is possible for the UK, with its tiny coal industry, to be competing with mega-producers such as China and Poland. The real solution is not to subsidise these people, but to retrain them in an industry that has a future in the UK, sustainable, clean energy.

Unfortunately, the idea for clean coal in the UK is not exactly clear. The government previously made a proposal that would mean a coal power station would be constructed with a carbon capture facility to reduce carbon emissions. However, this plan has recently been cancelled because it is much too expensive.

The government has to meet strict emissions targets that have been set by the European Union, and if it continues in protecting the jobs of coal miners, then it is going to be very difficult to meet these targets. Not to mention the fact that it is very expensive to subsidise this industry.