Tuppenny Barn organics complex

A Southbourne eco-friendly building is slated to be utilized to help demonstrate to youngsters how the environment is continuing to be preserved in the town.  The roundhouse that is built out of straw at the Tuppenny Barn organics complex is the work of Maggie Haynes who originally set up a small smallholding along land that runs across the Main Road about six years ago.  She says that she always planned to create a new facility that schoolchildren could take classes at that would teach them about the natural world, gardening, and organic food.

The building went under construction last May with tyres layered together in order to build the foundation.  Since then it has been the recipient of a handful of grants including one from the harbour conservancy and one from the Chichester District Council.

Haynes stated that so far into the project they have been able to raise £59,000 but they are still looking for another £170,000 to help see the project through until completion.  Just last week the organic farm group was given £400 by Lawrence and Julia Murphy who run the Emsworth Fat Olives restaurant.  The money was raised by hosting an evening that included food and wine tasting.

Haynes stated that the farms provide the restaurant with produce so they are linked to them, and that they are great when it comes to promoting local producers so it was a wonderful thing that they chose to help with the project.  She added that they are still applying for many grants and while it is a hard time to gather fundraising as everyone has tighter budgets to work from, they have been able to win some grants and are working hard to get the fundraising they need to have the project completed by the close of next summer.