The UK’s oak tree population is floundering

Early last year, the government planned to sell off some of the woodland in the country to private entities, however they scrapped the plan after the public protested against it. At around the same time, a large number of the oak trees in parts of the country were wiped out, as the disease spread which was known for killing them incredibly rapidly. It is estimated that because of this disease over 100 forests around the country have been affected in the last 10 years.

Unfortunately, there is also bad news in terms of planting new trees, and it seems as if the UK is lagging way behind other countries in Europe when it comes to expanding woodland areas in the UK, and planting new trees. Many people believe that the government need to take more action in order to improve the tree situation in the UK, and bring it into line with the impressive figures that are seen in the rest of Europe.

Since the 1970s the number of trees in the UK has been steadily declining, and England especially seems to not be improving its tree situation, by planting more trees. This is in contrast to Wales and Scotland, who have been seen to have a serious pledge to expanding the woodland areas in their countries, with major programs being put into place.

The body responsible for managing public woodlands in the UK is the Forestry Commission, and it is believed that they are largely responsible for not expanding the woodland in the UK. A spokesperson stated, “Planting new trees, it has to be said, has not been a focus for us over the last 30 years. We have been focusing on improving the trees we have, rather than adding a great deal more.” Tree planting is expected to dramatically increase in the coming years.