The real effects of global warming for the UK come courtesy of professor

A local Professor warns that climate change may mean catastrophe to the residents especially in the UK and not something that they should be pleased about. He continues to say that the effects of global warming would not mean that they would adopt the café culture of sipping lattes outdoors, but instead the effects would be more severe, the likes of catastrophic flooding and heat waves subduing the elderly.

The Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research (TCCCR), Professor Kevin Anderson said that the local authorities and the government did not understand the risks of Global warming. He accused that many people were focusing on the prospect of having warmer evenings instead of realizing that heat waves will take a lot of lives.

He added that most people would think of it as a nice outdoor café culture but the harsh reality is that they would be having a hard time sleeping the future because their buildings would remain warm even during the night. He also said that we could choose to think of this issue in advance when we see people dying.

The Met Office has predicted that by the year 2080, the temperatures during the summer could rise by a margin of 5C. Heat waves, the kind that kill people by the thousands could be a common phenomenon. Prof Anderson was quick to point out that the hospital and buildings in the country are not fully equipped to handle such temperatures.

The Professor added that the frequent flooding were as a result of the rise in sea levels and the intense rainfall. The Met Office said that the wettest year on record was 2012 and that increased frequencies of hazardous rainfall in the country may be under way.

He advised that the council may have to implement ways of improving the drainage system in the cities and at the same time ensure that homes are well prepared and not being built on low ground. He added that by decreasing the levels of carbon emissions we may be in a position to prevent the effects of climate change. He recommended that the government invest in renewable sources of energy and in public transport as well.