The new home saving energy toolkit from E.ON


As one of the big 6 energy providers in the UK, E.ON take their responsibilities very seriously as far as helping their customers to save both energy and money. The recent introduction of their brilliant and user friendly Saving Energy Toolkit is testament to this.

The features of the toolkit are aimed at helping you save as much energy as you can in several simple ways that often just don’t occur to us and the aim of their energy saving campaign is simple; to retrain the way you use energy to reduce wastage.

It is very easy to blame other things for energy wastage, but at the end of the day you are responsible for the majority of them. It easier to change your habits and behaviour towards energy than you think and the vast majority will have a look at this toolkit and wonder to themselves why they haven’t thought of this before.

Your actions can reduce your energy expenditure and costs, but suppliers can help too. E.ON wants to actively encourage consumers to save energy by reducing consumption. It might sound strange that a company wants to sell less of its product, but when more people are doing their bit to have a positive effect on the planet it’s refreshing to find a major corporation who thinks along the same lines.

Along with the comparative features of the toolkit, there is also fantastic energy saving information on their website which customers who manage their accounts online can get access to. You can compare your energy figures with those of similar homes to see how you stack up or track your energy expenditure over a given time period to see how things change in your home. You can even get an analysis of the energy usage in your home to see which areas consume the most energy – and which, therefore, need the most attention.

To be able to access the Saving Energy Toolkit, and all the benefits that come with it, you must be a customer of E.ON and have registered online to manage your account. If you haven’t already registered simply go to  and click on the register tab. Then you simply follow the prompts asking for account number, postcode etc and within minutes you will have access to the tool and start saving money.

Most of the advice given is, in keeping with the premise of the campaign, things that you can do yourself easily without any intervention from outside professionals. The only time you will need to call on these is if your loft insulation needs replacing or if your windows are ill fitting and letting valuable heat escape.

Simple things such as showering instead of taking a bath and not leaving your appliance on standby during the night can, over the year, add up to quite a substantial saving on your energy bills. Implement several of these energy saving tips at the same time and you are quid’s in. Energy wastage is no joke, it costs money that few of us can afford to throw away these days and the time is now when we all start taking responsibility for our energy usage.

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