The importance of an ecological carpet cleaning

A valid alternative to toxic cleaning

Using chemical cleaners for your carpet is a rapid and wide spread method of cleaning even though it is a risk for our health. Apart from decorating the house, carpets are frequently the place where children do their leisure activities and are also routinely visited by our pets. Through the use of chemical cleaners, however, carpets risk everyday to switch from being a hospital place to a potential source of contamination. Once applied on the carpet, in fact, not only do such cleaners concentrate in the air but also partly remain on the carpet’s fibers. It represents the major risk of using chemical products.

Applying the cleaner, too, can be dangerous in itself. It is true that, in the case of carpet cleaning, we are exposed to low levels of toxic substances but it is not a good reason to consider chemical cleaners fully safe products. The most consistent risk is due to an habitual use of this kind of cleaners. However, both short- and long-term exposure to such products can cause health diseases ranging from eyes irritation to more serious problems as cancer.

Not every cleaner is the same of course and there are different extents of damage that can be caused by them. One of the most dangerous chemical ingredients contained in cleaners is perchloroethylene. It is an usual air pollution agent in urban environments so why should we inhale it in our homes too? Opting for an eco-friendly carpet cleaning is one of the best ways to achieve a rapid cleaning while getting rid of all the risks connected to toxic cleaners. It is not only good to preserve our health, but also to reduce environmental pollution.

The advantages of eco-friendly carpet cleaning products

Comparing the chemical composition of the different kind of cleaners is a good solution to become aware of the benefits coming from using ecological cleaners which are free of harmful chemicals.

These are specifically designed to remove dirt from your carpet while protecting your health. Their use has seen a huge increase in recent times due to the fact that they manage to efficiently replace toxic substances with non-toxic ones as the plant-based cleaners successfully did.

Home-made cleaners too such as vinegar solutions are very efficient ecological carpet cleaners. A common household ingredient as baking soda is also a strongly recommended carpet cleaner, especially to remove tough stains.