Tesco team up with the RSPB to save the rainforests

Together for Trees, is a new initiative that is being run by the largest wildlife charity in the UK, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. The initiative is being run in collaboration with one of the country’s largest retailers, Tesco. The idea is that the new initiative is going to protect rainforests and vulnerable communities around the world by raising millions of pounds to put towards this cause.

Tesco is the largest retailer in the country and it is thought that by working together with the RSPB they are going to make a significant difference in saving tropical rainforests around the world. The money is going to be put towards conservation work on a local basis which should ease the problem of deforestation.

The campaign highlights that every four seconds a strip of rainforest around the size of a football pitch is deforested somewhere around the world. Rainforests are essential for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and it is well known that deforestation is one of the major causes behind climate change. Some estimates by scientists predict that deforestation is a greater cause of climate change than the entire transport sector of the world and its carbon emissions, combined.

20 million shoppers visit a Tesco store every week and it is thought that donations from companies and customers are going to help fund these projects. It is expected that the project is going to raise over £1 million in its first year. Customers at the store are going to be encouraged to donate their Clubcard points to the charity which Tesco will convert to money and pass on. The money is going to go to numerous rainforest projects which are run by the RSPB. Focus is going to be put onto West Africa, Indonesia and the West Indies