Tesco shows off its Climate Week t-shirt

Climate Week is from the 21-27 March, and Tesco Clothing has just revealed the official event t shirt. Exclusively designed by Eley Kishimoto it is being sold as a limited edition, with proceeds going to the Environmental justice foundation.

The garment is totally organic, has been made by ethical procedures and the manufacturing has been solar and wind powered. These low carbon t shirts are available for both sexes and cost only £10 from Tesco Clothing, the headline partner of Climate Week.
Both the men’s and the women’s t shirts will be on sale in time for Climate Week, online and in store. A host of celebrities have given their time to be seen in the trendy, geometroic print t shirt, including KY Tunstall, Lily Cole, Gillian Anderson, Eliza Doolittle, Gemma arteton. Such exposure makes this the must have garment of the year so far. For the photo shoot, the famous star stylist Fee Doran was brought in to add a special touch to the proceedings.

Climate Week’s Phil Drew said: “Low-carbon and super-cool, the t-shirt captures the spirit of Climate Week by showing how we can all be part of the solution to climate change. The t-shirt is organic, ethically made, and carries the Carbon Reduction Label certified by the Carbon Trust. It represents the future of fashion: an item that’s as green as its message and doesn’t cost the earth, in all senses of the word.”

Environmental Justice Foundation executive director Steve Trent commented: “The supply chain demonstrates the highest possible standards in an industry that is often criticised for falling short of the mark. The carbon footprint of the t-shirt’s manufacture is on average an incredible 90% smaller than that of a comparable product made using non-renewable energy. Our long-term supporter Lily Cole witnessed this for herself on a visit to the factory in India.”

Eley Kishimoto added: “Our t-shirt design incorporates the ‘tree of life’, a concept that exists in many cultures across the world. In itself, this represents nature and reminds us to look towards a positive future. We worked with a play on an age-old patchwork motif, symbolising the care and attention that our planet needs and translating the idea that all life on earth is connected, and we should work together to tender our environment.”

Shoppers can do their bit to reduce the carbon footprint of the t-shirts even further by washing it at a low temperature and hanging it up to dry.

Climate Week t-shirts will be available exclusively at Tesco stores and online at www.tesco.com/clothing.