Seven cities to receive a share of £12m to boost the UK Green Deal

It has recently been announced in order to boost the Green Deal in the UK, seven cities are going to be given around £12 million. The cities include Sheffield, Nottingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol and Birmingham. Each of these cities are going to be given a share of the £12 million pot in order to boost the deal in their respective regions of the country.

The cities were selected because it was believed that they were some of the best targets for reducing total carbon emissions in the country. Edward Davey, the energy secretary has recently commented, “We have chosen these cities because they have really ambitious goals for achieving carbon emission targets. We think that this money is going to help them in their goals, and is really going to allow the transformation of many buildings and homes in the area.

“This funding is going to help the schemes get off the ground, and we are really looking forward to seeing how they put the money into action. The money is going to mean the communities in the area get the changes that they need in order to become more environmentally friendly.”

The idea behind the funding is that these cities are going to act as something of a testing location to see how effective money can be in stimulating the Green Deal. Another reason why the money was given to these cities is because they have promised to match the amount of money they have been given with their own funds.