Searaser wave power

A new type of system that is going to take advantage of wave power has recently been acquired by Ecotricity, a green energy company. The devices known as the Searaser and it is capable of pumping seawater to a generator located onshore. The device has been very successful in testing and has received a great deal of praise from government ministers.

The device works by pressurising water using a large float going up and down. Most wave power devices generate electricity in the hostile environment of the sea but this does it on the land. This makes it a much more effective device as the water does not mix with the electricity and this means the maintenance costs are much lower.

Wave power is something that the UK government believe could be one of the best green technologies for reducing the number of gas and coal power plants that we have in the UK. The problem with wave power is the nature of the environment that they generate power in in that it is very hostile. Currently there is only one operation producing a meaningful amount of electricity for the country, the Marine Current Turbines, which is located in Northern Ireland.

The founder of Ecotricity is Dale Vince who has said, “This technology is a great way for us to utilise wave power at a much lower cost. It could even compete with conventional power stations in cost”.

The company expect that within five years, the devices could power nearly 250,000 homes in the UK and this would be done through the installation of 200 devices. The inventor of the devices, Alvin Smith, and he states that the device is particularly useful as it can release power when it is necessary and can be installed in reservoirs.