Scottish Rural Development Programme studies what benefits it has gained

The Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) was awarded close to 175 million pounds of funding and a new study, which is to last three years, will be examining what affect this money has had on the region. Specifically, the study will be looking at what the money has done to improve the amount of biodiversity in the area, and is going to look at habitats and the most important species.

The announcement of this study coincides with the release of a report which has found that 40% of Scotland’s forested areas and farmland are run in a way that promotes good biodiversity. Richard Lochhead is the environmental secretary and has said, “Since the SRDP launched back in 2008 we have gained a great deal of funding to improve the nature on Scottish land. The study that is going to take place over the next three years is going to examine how effective this has been. It will also examine the impact that biodiversity has on the economy.”

The study will be lead by three consultancy companies, lead by Environment Systems. Field surveys will be used to gather data about the nature in the region. Mr Lochhead has said there are other studies that have been conducted that are showing that the biodiversity in the region is good and this study will confirm these findings. He also commented, “Managing the environment in a sustainable way is essential to our economy as it supports around a quarter of a million jobs.”