Sales of electric cars not reaching their expected heights

Electric cars are something that have been being produced by the world’s leading manufacturers of vehicles for many years now, and they get a great deal of coverage in the newspapers, the real question has to be, however, is whether anyone is going to buy them.

The signals from the market so far are not very good and last year the Chevrolet Volt as well as the Nissan Leaf were praised as being revolutionary vehicles and were expected to be very popular. When they were actually sold though, the figures were very small and neither of these cars has proved popular with drivers.

It was expected that around 10,000 vehicles would be sold by each company however these figures were significantly missed and both companies sold around 2000 cars each. To give you an idea of how low this figure is, last year Toyota sold over 300,000 Camrys. Sales have not been the only problem with the cars however and Chevrolet had to recall several of the cars in order to fix problems with the batteries.

Several analysts in the automobile industry are predicting that this is going to be a very important year for the electric car industry. Sales are beginning to bounce back after years of recession as people are starting to return to showrooms to buy a new car. However, the sales of electric cars haven’t matched the recovery in the economy and it is estimated that in the last year their sales only grew by just over two percent.

Even executives in the industry are not very optimistic about their vehicles. A survey by a leading accountancy company recently found that it is unlikely for electrical cars to make up 15 percent of global sales until the year 2025. While this figure might seem low, it is relatively high compared to some other estimations.