Robbing from the poor and giving to the rich

It has been suggested that a rule be introduced into public policy that states that no money should be transferred from the poor to the wealthy. This role could be implemented to say that any charge or tax that transfers money from the poor to wealthier people should not be allowed.

This is something that should definitely be considered when green measures are being accounted for. Protecting the environment is very much in line with defending the interests of everybody, especially those who will inhabit our country in the future. The idea of an environmental policy which can cause economic damage to the poorest people is not a good idea.

There are many features of the government’s new energy policies which might be seen as being harmful for the situation of the poorest people in the country. The various methods that are being introduced to increase the energy efficiency in our homes, is something that will not be charged to the bills of the rich, but it will likely lead to the poor having to pay more money proportionally.

A recent study has shown that the poorest 10 percent of the country will end up spending a greater amount of money on energy conservation because of the Green Deal, than wealthier people. Essentially the schemes are taking money from a poor part of society and giving it to the rich. The pricing structure of energy has also clearly been established incorrectly and it is regressive and should be immediately changed.

It doesn’t make sense that the first unit of electricity purchase should be the most expensive and then further units should be cheaper. It should be the other way round, and that people who use less electricity should be rewarded for this. This will benefit the poor, rather than cause them further economic hardship.