Revamping your garden after an accident at work

Rest, relaxation and recovery are what you need after an accident of any kind. But, you can’t sit around all day twiddling your thumbs, so what do you do? Using that work accident compensation to go effect is a common option that people take advantage. Take the time you are not at work to do something for the environment and yourself by revamping the back garden.

Chances are, you have threatened to do this for a long time now, and finally you have a chance to get green fingers. You may not feel like this is the time, but those aches and stiff areas can be helped through light exercise like this – and it takes your mind off things as well. Here are five ideas:

Out with the lawn – Whether you don’t have time to spend with the upkeep of the garden or there is plenty of shade, your lawn could be unnecessary and hindering the garden. Consider using things like bark, paving or gravel to create a contrast in the garden that offers that facelift it has always needed.
Check the edges – If you’d rather keep hold of the green lawn then add some definition to your edges. Neatening it all up can be easy and using plants like gazania or mondo grass instead of flagstones or brick is better for the natural and environmentally friendly look in your garden.
Seating area – Always wondered why you don’t spend much time in the garden? When it is warm, there’s nothing better than a book in the sun so make this a possibility. Consider splitting it into ‘rooms’ by having a part with a water feature, another for plants and then a little nook or hidden garden – ideally through an archway – for you to sit, covered from the elements but comfortable nonetheless.
Focal point – Many experts will tell you that the key to a great garden is to have a piece of interest in there. What this means is that you can take a look into a gazebo, a water feature, a pond or a statue depending on your garden size and wants. Put a bench next to it and you’ll be well away.
Painting – Although it tends to sound like a boring job, painting the home of the garden can in fact be very therapeutic and is a good way to pass time when you are off work. Everything in the home deserves to look modern and clean, so have a look at any benches and fences in the garden and give them a new coat of paint to revitalise the back yard.

Not only will these things give you something productive to do when you are in home for a prolonged period but garden improvements add thousands to your house price as well. From little things to a big overhaul, many homeowners aren’t unlocking the potential that their garden possesses for them monetarily. Decking is a popular addition, and this fashionable feature can do wonders for a property’s value and profile.

This is a guest post by Rhian Farnworth.