QuizTrail the unique outdoor quiz app

QuizTrail www.quiztrail.com, the unique outdoor quiz app, and EcoTales, the not-for-profit environmental production company have launched a series of London-based urban wildlife adventures. The first two trails “Enchanted and Wild in Bushy Park” and “Urban Wanderings with Warthogs and Wild Surprises” in Regents Park are now up on the QuizTrail website ready for you to download to your phone and explore.

Using the QuizTrail app to guide you along the way, these walks are peppered with magical suggestion to fuel the fertile imagination of any child. To get started simply go to the website www.quiztrail.com, register and sign up for “Enchanted and Wild in Bushy Park” or “Urban Wanderings with Warthogs and Wild Surprises” at just £1 each in the Trail Store.

“The trails take you on a journey to discover just how incredible our natural world is”, said Joe Churchman, Co-founder and Creative Director of EcoTales. ”Using the amazing QuizTrail app we have created trails that teach you a little bit more about your local parks. Each answer unlocks the next question, and you will be amused and fascinated by the things you didn’t know, from what you thought was an annoying weed to magical trees and unexpected creatures.

The QuizTrail app is free to download and it’s free to register online and to set up your own trails on the website. In fact QuizTrail has gone live with nearly 50 Trails in the Trail Store ready to play all over the world including the EcoTales trails and exclusive history trails across London from Dan Snow, the History Guy himself!

“EcoTales have fully embraced the potential of QuizTrail in the way that I fully imagined it to work”, said Tom Merchant, CEO of QuizTrail. “These two trails are fantastic, they are fun, informative and get people outside as a family or with friends. We look forward to EcoTales doing many more urban wildlife trails in the future”.

The walks are a fantastic addition to any family stroll, why not download the app and try one. What better way to get your kids outside and into nature – and you just might rediscover the quizzical child in you! For more information please go to www.quiztrail.com.

About QuizTrail
QuizTrail is an innovative modern-day version of the traditional  treasure hunt game where players use smart phones instead of photocopied sheets. Founded in 2014, QuizTrail is designed for user-generated content, so that anyone can be a ‘Trailblazer’ and readily set trails for their friends – or the world – to follow. QuizTrail is a platform that everyone can enjoy. Using the latest in geo-location technology the QuizTrail app tells you where to go as you reach each destination and for businesses and brands has the ability to drive footfall directly to their outlets. QuizTrail works anywhere in the world and has more than 50 Trail already up and running. For more information about QuizTrail please go to www.quiztrail.com