Proposed flood defence projects never went ahead thanks to government budget cuts

New documents reveal that work never began on 294 different flood defence projects that were supposed to receive funding. Almost 300 schemes across England were not built according to plan as a result of budget cuts by the Government according to documents that were found by the Guardian. Over the last few weeks thousands of homes have flooded resulting in millions of pounds of damages fro homeowners, but in some of the places that were overwhelmed by floods defences should have been built.

Some of these areas were supposed to receive funds for the defences in 2010 such as Kendal in Cumbria and Lancashire’s Croston. Had these areas received the funds then proper flood defences could have been erected saving these homes from damage. Chairman of the National Flood Forum, Chris Tucker, stated that the government is wringing its hands while people are continuing to be effected by the waters rising.

He added that the simple fact of the matter is that spending is decreasing while flooding is continuing to increase and it is becoming very evident that not enough spending on flooding is taking place.

The wet weather has caused problems all over the countries from the Yorkshire Hebden Bridge over to the banks of the River Yealm an stretching into the south west near the Leicestershire Sheepy Magna. Last week the Silverstone grand prix was disrupted as a result of many flooded car parks and the Great Yorkshire Show was forced to cancel because of the harsh weather, which is the first time it has ever been cancelled in its long 154 event year history.