Prince Charles makes environmental pledge for his future grandchildren

Prince Charles has said that he has become more interested in environmental problems now that he is about to be a grandfather himself. He explained that he does not want to have to explain to his grandchildren in the future why he did not make more efforts to help address the problems of climate change.

According to the Prince of Wales, now that he knows a grandchild is on the way he wants to make sure that he somehow makes the world better than the dysfunctional world that is predicted to be there if nothing is done.

This is not the first time that Prince Charles has spoken out about the environmental, as he has actually been a long term campaigner for green issues. During a few interviews this week he has remarked that he wants to make sure that everything that can be done about climate change is done. He explained that he has been talking about environmental damage for years and it is now time to take action.

He said that it is now obvious that it is the time to step up and make sure that when their grandchild arrives it will be obvious that something is being done. Back in December Prince Charles said he was thrilled about the idea of being a grandchild. While he may have only known about his grandchild for a few months, he has been working on protecting the environment for quite some time.

In 2007 he created the Prince’s Rainforest Group to help find a solution that would address the problem of disappearing rainforests. He also spoke to in Copenhagen at a 2009 UN international climate summit and then in 2010 offered a keynote speech in Oslo about declining forests and climate change.