Premium Payment fund can save you £1,300

The government is offering families that plan to set up renewable heating systems about £1,300. A fifteen million pounds Premium Payment fund has been created to cater for 25,000 installations, and people who decide to use greener techniques such as solar panels and biomass boilers can apply to this fund.

Those to benefit are mainly the 4m households in Britain that lack mains gas heating and depend on greater carbon heating techniques. However, according to Friends of the Earth, unsatisfactory requirements have short-changed this potentially innovative scheme. People can begin sending in their applications to the programme designed to assist in the funding of cost of the installation of systems like ground and air source heat pumps, as from August 1 until March of next year.

The Energy Saving consortium is the group that administers this fund, and it will concentrate principally on households that keep their homes warm with things like heating oil and electric fires, which are not only more expensive, but are also have  high carbon emissions.

Greg Barker, minister of climate change declared: “This is the start of a new age in home heating as people are being given more economical ways of going green by giving them the opportunity to purchase discounted eco heaters. People who rely on electric heating or expensive oil should be gladdened by this news because this premium payment program is truly directed at them.

Apart from reducing carbon emissions, the provision of eco heaters will also give rise to a market that builds, sells and sets up heat pumps or solar thermal panel kits. The Department of Climate and Energy says it will keep an eye on energy data as well as performance via detailed surveys and additional meters.

Energy Saving Trust helmsman Philip Sellwood said, “When the kit is installed in peoples’ homes, the benefits will be obvious. Certainly a lot still has to be learnt concerning how to make the most effective use of these technologies, however as more and more households acquire these kits; the more they will turn into part of our daily existence.

Unquestionably, the main obstacle preventing people from adopting these new technologies is the initial capital layout. This is one good way of surmounting this impediment. However, Friends of the Earth an environmental group is not satisfied with what the government is doing with the scheme, saying it is not far reaching enough.

A consultant on sustainable energy, Alan Simpson, stated: This is possibly an internationally revolutionary scheme that may likely place the UK in the midst of world leaders. According to Simpson, the scheme short-changed itself with all manner of disappointing caveats. He then advised the government to work out modalities for calculating subsidies or annual payments in addition to the one off installation fee that are meant to be included in the system.