PM reiterates green policy agenda

David Cameron spoke this week on his green policy agenda and stated once again that he wants the government to take further steps forward, even though ministers may be split over the best way to use clean energy subsides. The Prime Minister stated that he is very committed to a green agenda despite the claims of critics that he has not continued to promote green policies due to opposition from George Osborne the chancellor.

Cameron went to explain during the speech that the UK is in a global race and the country that is able to get ahead in the race will be the economies that are able to prosper. He added that the strongest economies in the future will be the ones that are most energy efficient and the greenest. Therefore, to say that the UK cannot afford to make green energy an issue right now is ridiculous, because Cameron explained that the country cannot afford not to do it.

In 2012 Cameron walked into the office promising to make sure that the UK had the greenest government in the world. However, later he said that they are not going to be able to save the planet on their own by putting the country out of the business world. When critics asked him this past Monday why he has been so quiet about green issues Cameron said that the focus should be on what a government actually does instead of how many speeches it gives about doing anything.

Cameron went on to say that his government has backed the first payments to create a renewable heat source and has also offered the Green Deal energy efficient scheme and created the Green Investment Bank. The final result of the energy bill he hopes will see to offshore wind farm investors.