Ownership of nature reserves could change if government plans go ahead

The government might be changing their plans for the ownership of the National Nature Reserves. They have said that they might not be going to be changing the ownership of the body as they were going to do before.

There are over 220 National Nature Reserves across the country and they are regarded as some of the most valued and famous forestry reserves in the country. These forests can be found all over the country and Natural England, is responsible for managing about 70 percent of them.

Natural England is also the adviser to the government on environmental matters and they were together exploring the ideas of changes to these reserves. The government were initially considering disposing of them but after a revolt it seems as if the government are going to be changing their mind.

The opposition to the selling off of these forests so they would no longer be owned by the public was met with a huge amount of opposition from the public. It is thought that this opposition is one of the reasons why the government have changed their mind on the matter.

The Labour Party were also putting pressure on the government as they felt this was an opportunity to take a knock at the coalition government. However, there have also been Liberal Democrat and Tory MPs who have gone against their party’s recommendations.

The government has said that many of the opinions that were being made are based on inaccurate information that people made assumptions about before the report was ever published. However, the report has now been published and it has been 10 days since it was made available and it doesn’t seem as if the opposition is backing down.

The government are currently going through a consultation process and will be making a decision in the near future. The government will be having to take public opinion into the matter if they want to avoid political fallout.