Organisations urged to reveal carbon emissions

Nigel Murphy, a councillor in the north-west is going to be encouraging public bodies to disclose the amount of carbon they are emitting.  So far, around 30 organisations are part of the project which is called Carbon North West and the amount of carbon these companies are producing is published online, through a program called 1CAESER.

The service monitors how sustainable a company is being and how much carbon dioxide they are emitting. They also work with the company to help drive a reduction in the number of greenhouse gases they are emitting. The service is being offered by Manchester city council to the companies who supply most of its requirements.

This is about 1000 companies who are mostly based nearby to the city, and includes all of their suppliers from construction companies to the people who supply the stationary.

The website is going to analyse how environmentally friendly the companies are being and they will be given a rating that will appear on the website. Depending on how these companies do, they are going to be given assistance by the council to help them become more environmentally friendly. This is a service that is going to be offered to them at no charge and is something that should hopefully allow them to reap great cost savings.

Manchester city have been using something called the Environmental Business Pledge scheme and this has been running for the past seven years. In this time it has helped businesses in the city save around £1.5 million.

Mr Murphy, who is responsible for the environment in Manchester has stated, “The economy has meant that many businesses in the UK are suffering, this scheme is a great way for them to reduce their costs and, at the same time, become more environmentally friendly. This is a win-win situation and is going to be beneficial for all the companies that take part, as well as their employees.”