Nuclear safety video from European Commission

Nuclear energy is vital to the future of not only Europe but also the rest of the world, however, there has been much written about it in the past regarding safety and major disasters such as the one in Fukushima have seen it in the news for all the wrong reasons. As far as nuclear energy is concerned, the major priority for every one of us has to be the safety aspect, and it is good to know that the European Commission is taking this very seriously.

The latest proposals which have come from them is that there have been incredibly high standards of safety put in place and they are pushing for these to be applied right across Europe which effectively means we can all sleep safely in our beds at night and also go about our daily business without the worries of  a nuclear disaster hanging over our heads.

These measures will also ensure that should an emergency occur it will be dealt with immediately and efficiently thus being nipped in the bud so to speak, and a video has been released to get the message across to the population of Europe.


At first we see a couple of people attaching pictures of themselves to strings hanging from the ceiling of a bright, cavernous room. There is a narrative at the same time telling us that of those subjects which evoke debates and strong opinions amongst the masses, nuclear safety is right up there, and this doesn’t only apply to those who live near a nuclear plant, it is also of paramount importance to those in other countries as well.

Eventually, there are hundreds of images hanging in the room, and the camera pulls back to reveal that they way they have been hung makes up a map of Europe. The message couldn’t be clearer; the European Commission know that the matter of nuclear safety affects us all and they are doing everything they can to ensure this safety, which is a huge relief to everybody who lives in Europe, whether they are in a country that has a nuclear power plant or not.