Nuclear regulators approved

National nuclear regulators have formally approved the design of an EPR (European Pressurized Reactor) design that was created by French Energy group Areva and its partner EDF. Fortunately, the design meets all the expectations of environmental safety and security and will definitely have no negative impacts on it for sure.

It is the first nuclear reactor design to complete strict assessment processes carried out by the nuclear regulation office of UK and Statement of Design and Acceptability. Even though it has completed the UK’s generic design assessment procedure there are some final regulatory steps yet to be taken on the grounds of some site-specific consents, approvals and planning. A final green signal is still needed to start off the construction project.

Some significant issues at the design stage have also been accessed and resolved, and testing approached approved to be successful on the way of design approval. Chief Inspector Colin Patchett is very hopeful, he said that his team has done what they could and that assessment was worth it, effective and result oriented, ensuring the safety of people and society from malicious hazards of nuclear industry was something they were concerned about and now there is an answer for everything.

All solutions have been found out with Joe McHugh also praising the success of generic design assessment process of the nuclear reactor. The robust and strict scrutiny had provided positive results; giving satisfactory results ensuring the design meets the high environments security and protection requirement.

The GDA has taken a big time period of five years to complete the testing in 17 different technical areas. The designers had to provide all details with respectful safety design cases and reports that were opened for public opinion. The process has included more than 26,000 days of assessment time and literally thousands of debates, documentations, presentations and discussions.