No new answers about climate change after government reshuffle

It’s been over a week since the reshuffle took place, and it seems as if the government have stopped attempting to dodge questions, or just answer questions, about whether the energy minister and environmental secretary, are sceptical about the science behind climate change.

It seems as if the press office for the DECC are simply ignoring the question when it is posed to them, although some journalists have been told that the question is not being answered because there are so many other issues to deal with right now. The reason why this question first arose as a problem is because both of these governmental ministers have said that they are against wind power.

It seems that they are both for deregulation in the energy industry and the environmental secretary, Owen Paterson has stated that he wants to see policy focusing on gas. However, this is a way of doing things that has been described by the Committee on Climate Change as being not compatible with the mandatory targets that have been established by the government. These targets say that the country must reduce the amount of emissions it is producing by around 80 percent, over the next 40 years.

George Monbiot, the notable environmentalist has stated, “It seems as if these appointments by the Prime Minister are him declaring war on the environment.”

However, Whitehall has not been completely silent about the issue, and in response to a question from the Guardian newspaper, Whitehall commented, “We are responsible for looking at a huge range of issues that affect both are rural economy and the environment. One of the major issues is climate change, and we are exploring different opportunities to deal with this.”