New year environmental resolutions

With the new year comes a new chance to make some changes in your life that will help save the environment. The following are three environmental resolutions that Britain needs to move forward with them if they want to make sure that 2013 is a much greener year than the last year. The charm of all of these resolutions is that they cost very little and would help the environment in a large way.

First up, the easiest way to help the environment is to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in landfills. Simply by getting rid of plastic carry bags billions of tonnes of waste could be reduced. Wales and Scotland have both done it and Ireland has been virtually carry bag free for year. Simply place a levy on the plastic bags inside of English shops and the amount of carry bags that get used will drop immediately.

Over the last year carry bag use has actually increased even though some companies have made voluntary efforts to reduce their baggage use. If England makes a move then the country can start to waste resources and landfill space that it doesn’t have too.

The next resolution should be to reduce night time lighting of many shops that are located in towns and cities across England. The French have already banned many of their neon shop lighting during the earlier hours of the morning and while this may reduce window shopping opportunities, it will help reduce the amount of electricity that is used.

Finally, re-introducing 20mph speed limits in areas where people shop, work, and live s the new urban limit would help to reduce the amount of gas emissions helping to control air pollution. It’s only about a cost of ninety seconds, but would significantly help the quality of air.