New tiny eco home concept

The Cube Project originator Dr. Mike Page of the incredibly small eco friendly home that he claims an individual can live comfortably in for life or two people who have an excellent love for one another, all with very little impact on the environment.

The goal of the project that began at the University of Hertfordshire was to construct a 3x3x3 meter home while still affording it occupant(s) modern living. The home was constructed from different sustainable material with everything one or maybe two people would need.

The 27 metres cubed includes a lounge, a table and two chairs, a double bed, a regular shower, a kitchen with all the energy efficient appliances, cooker hood, sink, microwave washing machine, and a toilet composting, none the less.

The lighting is from LED lights that are ultra-efficient and the Cube gets it heat from using a Ecodan air source heat pump, where it extracts heat from recovered air. The floors are made of cork and the head height is two metres throughout.

None of the technologies or techniques that were used in the Cube, as an important design criterion, could not be applicable solely to small buildings if everything were scaled to appropriate sizing then each could be applied to businesses and homes of all sizes and shapes.

They believe that the best of living, low-carbon is illustrated by the Cube. The ideal is for the Cube to generate at least as much as if not more energy than it uses averaged out over annual usage.

Integral to the building itself, it uses solar photovoltaic panels. If registered with the Government’s Feed In Tariff (FiT) which is an incentive program for energy producing from renewable sources, the Cube would earn about £1000 per year in FiT income.

It only needs a connection to an electrical grid and cold water. There is no main drainage needed and the waste is either processed on site or composted. Dr. Page is not just an engineer but also at the University’s School of Psychology at Reader in Cognitive Psychology. Those are two backgrounds needed to not just build ultra compact homes but to construct them so they are comfortable to live in.