New report claims the UK is failing in its environmental programmes

The country has not fared well recently in its programmes related to environmental issues. This conclusion coming from a report filed by Dr Charlotte Burns from the University of York would have quite a far reaching effects on the country and its political agenda. Dr Charlotte Burns is the EU expert of formulating policies for the Friends of the Earth organisation.

The EU has recently challenged the UK’s membership in its union on this lack of environmental respect which has touched a new low in their relationship. Politicians like Lord Lawson and Nigel Farage are however not responding to these issues raised by the EU in a proper manner which could result in the future of UK being dropped from the EU.

UK has always had the tag of being the dirty man of Europe with emissions like that of sulphur dioxide being recorded as the highest all over Europe. This had even supposed to have resulted in the devastation of the Scandinavian forests.

The sea around Britain had also been used as sewage dumpers with all obnoxious elements being dumped in them as per a “dilute and disperse” program they followed. Even the drinking water in UK was purportedly contaminated with many chemicals in them.

The policy makers and politicians never took serious view of the damage that in some cases has turned irreversible. This mentality of the administration both bureaucratic and political is yet present as seen from the refusal of UK to follow the restriction on neonicotinoid pesticides that the EU is trying to implement. Neonicotinoid pesticides have been found to be the reason for decline of bees.

The EU forms its policies based on a Lisbon treaty which mandates that laws and regulations are to be implemented as soon as there is possibility of danger to human health and environment.  Countries like Scandinavia, Germany and Netherlands take these issues very seriously and UK has no proper understanding of the effects.

These laws implemented by the countries provide for a better and cleaner living to the people in those countries than in UK. The EU membership is important for UK as it provides for maintaining good wild life habitat in the UK as well as services like flood defences, carbon sequestration, pollination, food, water and materials.