New poll reveals that 70% of UK population are behind wind farms

ComRes have recently completed a poll for the Independent newspaper which is showing that 70 percent of people in the country thinks that installing more wind farms in the country is a good way to help meet the country’s energy needs. This strong support might surprise some people when you consider the high-profile backlash which has put the future of wind farms in jeopardy.

The Treasury of recently said they are considering cutting the subsidies for wind farms by around 25 percent after a great deal of lobbying from Conservative MPs has taken place. Many people in the countryside have said that the turbines create a lot of noise and are also not an economically viable option unless the government offers significant subsidies.

However, the poll showed that the amount of supporters significant and people think that having the wind farms in the countryside is an acceptable sacrifice for the country’s ability to produce greener energy.

The poll also showed that wind farms were more supported by young people than they were the elderly. 8 in every 10 people who were aged between 18 and under 44 said they supported the installation of wind farms which is around 20 percent higher than the support figures for those who are aged over 45.

These results are likely to encourage the Liberal Democrat party who have been pressuring the politicians involved in the coalition to pursue the subsidies for wind farms. Conservation charities such as the Campaign to Protect Rural England as well as the National Trust have said that the increasing number of wind farms being installed in the countryside is not a good thing.

A recent High Court ruling has also said that people do have a right to preserve the landscape around their homes and this is more important than the green energy targets that have been set by the government.