New green products to use around the home

For those who like to be eco-friendly at home, there are some great new green products that you can now pick up for your home. Here are some of the best products to hit the market this year in terms of eco-friendliness.

One great place to start is with Radflex radiator panels which are able to help trap heat so that it reflects into the house instead of passing out of the house via external walls. The Buildings Research Establishment tested the product and it was estimated that using the strips between radiators and walls will help save about £113kWh of energy every year and they only cost about £25 for a ten pack.

Another great value is the Tescon Vena air-tightness tape that is a very flexible and strong adhesive tape that can be use to create tight bonds between new projects and junction that just need to be refit in a home. The tape can also be used to help create a seal under wall membranes or between roof underlays if needed. Overall, it costs about £20 a roll and as a trade-off you prevent a lot of air from seeping into your home.

For those who hate that chemical smell, new VOC-free clay paints are available from Earthborn in a stunning new thirty colours. Completely odourless, these paints are much easier to use and will free the painter from headaches. The average cost is about £30 per every 2.5 litres.

Finally, rounding out the list is a new type of triple glazed windows that helps stop heat from escaping from the windows in your home. Most buildings lose about 10% to 25% of all of their heat out of the windows, so using the new Ecoplus3 glass can be a much needed improvement.