New Glasgow Recycling and Renewable Energy Centre gets the green light

It’s all systems go for the opening of the Glasgow Recycling and Renewable Energy Centre, a facility that is reputed for being one among a handful in all of the world. This centre is unique because it is said to be capable of converting 90 percent of waste into energy. Another unique feature of this new centre is its ability to cut down Co2 emissions by 90,000 tonnes in a given year.

The new recycling facility will be constructed in Polmadie, at the present waste facility. This area is located at the southern part of the city and has also been councilor approved, despite the numerous objections that it got.

A few of the objections were to the approach that the recycling plant was planning to use. Others were concerned that the location of the plant could become a risk to public health, as the plant uses a process called gasification, a recycling process much like incineration.

Despite the objections, the plans for the plant were finally approved and construction is scheduled to be complete by 2016. Once operational, the plant will be able to handle about 200,000 of green waste annually. The facility will also be needing 254 people to man its various positions, which means that 254 new job openings will soon be available for the town.

The 24-hour plant will also be capable of generating enough energy to power 22,000 households. The same plant also has the capability to heat 8000 households. Should plans for the facility be cancelled, the city would be forced to dispose of their waste in to the ground. That could mean bad news for Glasgow’s future generations.

This new recycling facility will be able to take in domestic green bin waste from the city. The materials that are found to be recyclable will naturally be removed. The next step would be to take organic materials such as garden waste and food waste and turn those into natural gas.

The natural gas produced could not only power the plant, but it could also be a good source of energy for the national grid. Many are hopeful that the opening of this new facility is the first step towards a waste less economy.