New environmental training programme announced by the British Safety Council

The British Safety Council (BSC) has announced a new environmental training programme that will aim to help businesses implement better environmental procedures and systems. The new programme is titled the IEMA Associate Certificate in Environmental Management and was created with the intent of offering understanding, knowledge, and skills to key management and staff that are tasked with implementing and developing environmental sustainability solutions that are aligned with current legislation.

The programme is not aimed any business, sector, or industry directly but is instead aimed to help all businesses move forward towards environmental sustainability. Portfolio manager for BSC training division Howard Dawes stated that it has become clear to the agency that almost all organisations across the board need to have a better understanding of sustainability issues and why environmental issues are so important.

He added that they need to understand how environmental issues can affect their business both indirectly and directly in the future so that they are motivated to make the proper changes now before any negative effects take place.

He added that the marine sector also needs to pay specific attention to ports because as storms become more severe and frequent due to climate change businesses are going to have to become much more proactive if they want to secure and develop practices, strategies, and policies that will help them continue to operate in the wake of these concerns.

Dawes did note that sustainability and environmental issues can spurn both opportunities and sustainability issues for businesses so it is important to have trained people in the proper positions so that businesses can take advantage of what is open to them and avoid the risks in the future.