New environmental super agency launches in Wales

A new super agency will begin their environmental reign today after they replaced three former Welsh public bodies that were in charge of environmental procedures. Starting this week, the Forestry Commission in Wales, Environment Agency Wales, and The Countryside Council for Wales have all been merged into one organisation that will be named the NRW (Natural Resources Wales).

Responsibilities of the agency will include issuing recreational fishing licenses and regulating nuclear power stations. Since the new super agency was approved in November of 2011 it has raised a significant amount of concerns from people who are concerned that the large governing body will not be able to offer as much transparency and overall will weaken the amount of voices in Wales that are concerned with environmental issues.

Minister for Natural Resources for the Welsh Government Alun Davies, explained that the natural environment plays a large role in the economy in Wales so it is vital that it is efficiently and effectively managed.

Chief Executive of Natural Resources Wales Emyr Roberts stated that he thinks the NRW will help Wales to take a new approach to the many challenges that Wales faces while protecting the environment and added that they are going to focus on re-shaping the way they work by taking a new direction and approach for the problem so that more wildlife, economy and people in Wales can enjoy the environment for years to come.

The NRW is aimed at improving the service that can be offered businesses and people and will make it easier to deal with issues since there is only one group to work with instead of three. At the dawn of its creation Natural Resources Wale became the largest Wales sponsored public body taking over responsibilities from each of the three bodies and some of the responsibilities of the Welsh Government.