New eco friendly fish packing available

A new and innovative ways to pack fish is to be launched this month at an exhibition in Cape Town in South Africa. The new way of packing fish is more friendly to the environment and has been developed through a collaboration between the South African-based Ampaglas Plastics Group and Tri-Pack, which is based in the UK.

The new form of packaging is called CoolSeal and is flat packed and made from 100% recyclable material. In Europe the boxes have already become very successful and have replaced previous boxing methods. After delivering fresh fish these boxes can be stacked or bailed so they can be disposed of easily. The way the boxes seal at their corners after being constructed is a new patented technology that had not been available previously in South Africa.

Ampaglas Plastics marketing manager is Christo Pienaar, and he has commented about the boxes, “It is a very lightweight box which means that the cost of shipping is greatly reduced. The way it stacks means more boxes can fit in transport containers and this means there are significant savings. It is our belief that these new boxes will provide a solution to the country’s packaging regulations which are becoming increasingly stricter.”

Currently these boxes are mostly being used to ship shellfish, crayfish and whole fish, but the manufacturers have highlighted that they can be used to ship other products, including flowers. The managing director of Tri-Pack is Stephen Clark and he has commented, “People have often voiced concerns about the effectiveness of the insulation on these new boxes but we have proven them to be able to withstand many hours outside of the chilled environment.”