New data reveals that UK flood protection could total £860bn a year

According to new data, ministers are concerned that flood protection could cost the UK as much as £860 billion per year by the time 2015 rolls around. This is as a result of climate change, but the problem could be due to the fact the amount of public money available to the public has been reduced drastically.

At the same time, workers at the Met Office are publishing research that proves that rain and other extreme events are the result of climate change that was created by man and floods over the past few months proves this fact.

Households need to be protected from floods, and over the last few weeks millions of pounds have been spent already. If the floods from the last few weeks continue to occur then the UK will end up paying £800m by the year 2015 and possibly even more.

Since the beginning of May already three thousand properties have been flooded by natural rain and another 55,000 homes have been given a flood warning directly from the Environment Agency. An additional 31,000 were in danger but were protected by their flood defences that were already in place.

Outside of maintaining the funds to do what is needed, ministers have also drastically reduced the amount of public money that is available to be used for future flood devices according to information from the Committee on Climate Change making it more likely that more devastating flood cases will occur in the future.

Without proper defenses in place flooding becomes even more dangerous and damaging costing more in the long run then it would to just build defense fences in the first place. This is the tip of the iceberg, and with Climate Change growing stronger every year the matter becomes worse.