New coal power station may hit the rocks

A serious setback has come against a new coal power station that is set to be built in Scotland. The proposal to build this power station is very controversial and councillors from North Ayrshire are expected to vote against the building of the power station. This is the first power station in the UK that is going to be taking advantage of ‘clean coal.’

These councillors have the power to make the Scottish government hold an enquiry into the £3 billion proposal. This is despite the power station being a priority to ministers in their future planning for the energy situation in Scotland.

The project has already suffered significant blows including the withdrawal of a Danish partner from the energy consortium. Initially the government were very much behind the plan but since then it is becoming what is regarded as one of the most disliked projects in the history of Scottish planning.

Over 20,000 people have made formal objections to ministers in Scotland about the construction and has received three times as many objections as a new coal powered plant  that is being constructed in Kent.

The public have told councillors in the area that the local landscape as well as environments would be negatively affected by the construction of the powerp lant. They claim there is currently not enough data about the various implications for local health and about the amount of carbon dioxide that the plant will release.

Chief Executive of the WWF is Richard Dixon and he has said, “The plan lacks credibility and people are realising that coal is not the way forward for energy in Scotland. If the country wants to meet its carbon dioxide targets then coal is not the right way to do this. Too many aspects of this plan are just incomplete.”